Brookside Estates

Millbury, Massachusetts

WDA designed this residential subdivision at West Main Street and McGrath Road in the rural west side of Millbury. The 52± acre parcel, which is predominantly wooded, offers interesting New England features such as well-constructed stone farmer’s walls around the perimeter as well as throughout the site. The land has wetland areas throughout the site, which border the adjacent perennial Ramshorn Brook. During the concept stages, WDA worked closely with the Town Planner and Planning Board to present the town required Open Space and Conventional Subdivision scenarios. WDA demonstrated to the Town that the Open Space scenario was not necessarily the best fit for the site but rather a modified Conventional design retaining 47 percent open space was preferable. As part of the modified Conventional proposal we took advantage of the historical site features, with the design of a hand blazed pedestrian trail system that is intertwined within the sidewalk network along the roadways. The closed drainage system is collected and routed into vegetated water quality swales where the berms serve as spurs of the trail system..