Holbrook PK-12 School

Holbrook, Massachusetts

WDA is acting as landscape architect and athletic facility master planning consultant for the Town of Holbrook as part of the development of Holbrook’s new 217,000 sf, 1,100 student Pre K-12 School, ;located on the site of the existing community high school. A major component of the project is the relocation and reconstruction of existing and new athletic facilities to meet the growing recreation needs of both the school and the Town.

The centerpiece of these facilities is a new multi-use synthetic turf field, designed to accommodate football, soccer and field hockey, along with a new six-lane perimeter running track, with eight-lane straight-aways.  The field, built on the site of the existing school building, includes a sophisticated underdrain and perimeter drain system specifically design to account for the seasonal high water table in the area, and also includes sports field lighting, a 500 seat bleacher system with press box, and a combination ticket booth/concession stand/rest room building.

In addition to the multi-use synthetic field and synthetic track, VWA also designed facilities for field sports, including high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, and javelin.  New natural turf 330’ foul line boys baseball and 235’ foul line girls softball fields were also located and developed adjacent to wetland and ledge areas during the master planning and design process.

A complex grading and pedestrian circulation system was developed that ensures accessible routes between all of the athletic facilities, as well as accessible parking spaces and the new school building.

Facilities Master Plan also includes provisions for future expansion of recreation facilities into the undeveloped surrounding Town-owned property, as well as future connections to existing athletic facilities further east at a separate Town-owned property.