Riverbridge Mixed Use Development

Berlin, Massachusetts

 WDA was engaged by a local land-use attorney and developer to prepare a comprehensive master plan for a neo-traditional, mixed-use village on 130 acres in Berlin, Massachusetts. Working closely with town officials and Berlin residents, WDA and Union Studio Architecture and Community Design prepared a master plan which seeks to balance conservation and development goals through careful planning and development controls. By providing a dense, concentrated mixture of neighborhood commercial, residential and continuing care retirement uses, large tracts of open space are preserved as an integral characteristic of the project. As a result, environmental impacts are minimized and sensitive wetland resource areas and upland areas are preserved for active and passive recreation, while maintaining the rural character of the Town of Berlin.

The village center is a true mixed-use environment, designed as a pedestrian friendly community, void of “big box” uses and large expanses of pavement. Inherently, the design creates less dependence on vehicular use with greater emphasis on sense of place and community. Shopping, dining and service opportunities are located to compliment one another and are integrated with residential uses to promote social interaction and walkability. Nearby open space amenities include 2 miles of walking trails, a canoe launch and river look-out. A public parking area is also provided to access the open space areas