The Centre at Cherry Hill

Johnston, Rhode Island

WDA provided full landscape architecture design services for the development of a 24-acre parcel into a new multi-use retail | residential center on Atwood Avenue in Johnston, RI. The project, located in a densely populated area adjacent to the local police headquarters and a large elementary school, includes over 75,000 sf of new retail, pharmacy, and banking space, along with 44 condominium units set in a legible framework of tree-lined streets surrounded by mature existing woodlands.

The landscape infrastructure concept aimed to create a series of discrete landscape systems, using plant material to define and differentiate the hierarchy of roadway systems within the development. The main entrance drive bisects the site and leads motorists to the residential community to the rear. Minor access drives feed off the main drive and have unique landscape treatments that differentiate them from the main entrance drive. Besides the use of different species of street trees such as Red Maple, Zelkova, and Sweetgum to establish a landscape framework, the system includes the introduction of clipped hedges of Boxwood, Privet, and Flowering Quince to frame the drives and block views into the parking areas. A native fieldstone wall was introduced along the entirety of the Atwood Avenue roadway edge, with perforations in the wall designed to create the effect that the wall was an original element of the landscape and is being preserved in conjunction with the new land use.